Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wise One, Revisited

A Second Look at Wise Ones

Last week, we began to explore the Wise One realm.

If you are a Wise One, then that means that you have had many lifetimes on earth, and that you have the wisdom to show for it. It also means that you have a magical spiritual family-of-origin with priestesses and wizards and others who could manifest with magic.

Personality Traits

“Intense. Exotic. Eccentric. The Wise Ones glow from the inside. Earth Angels from this realm possess profound wisdom and are highly intuitive. Their eyes are penetrating and there’s no point in pretending or lying to Wise Ones because truth is apparent to them.” –Doreen Virtue, Realms of the Earth Angels 

A Little Magic, Anyone?

“These are the extremely powerful and well-trained magicians of the human race who were called out of ‘retirement’ from the spirit world in order to come back to Earth for the currently urgent situation on our planet.” –Doreen Virtue, Realms of the Earth Angels 

So if you’re a Wise One, part of your purpose is to show us how to live more peacefully, and to call on our own inner strength to help create harmony on our planet.

Do you recognize yourself in what you've read, so far, about the Wise One angel realm?

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  1. Anna your post has managed to trigger an interest in me about this whole spiritual thing. I mean I believe in God but this is a different level altogether!

    Also reading your 'about me', I am quite in awe! Moon priestess? It reminds me the novels where I had read about them!

    1. Hi Swathi! How wonderful that the post has triggered an interest. And thanks so much!!

  2. I go back and forth between angel and wise one. I'm not exotic but I am here to promote family peace. On the other hand, I do have a slew of illnesses. How do you know what you are when you resonate with two of them? (And I've always resonated with both). Thanks for your post, Anna

    1. Hi Margit! Well, the good news is that many, if not most, of us are a blend of two or more realms. So if you are a blend of the two, then you might be a Mystic Angel. :)

    2. Can I be a wisdom angel? I wanna be a wisdom angel!

    3. You sure can!! Realm readers turn "wise one" into "mystic" when it becomes part of a realm name, but Wisdom Angel works, too. And it has a very nice ring to it. I like it!


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