Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Inga's Reading about Integrating My Angel Realm

We are exploring the earth angel realms this month, and as I began to explore my own realm, I had some questions about how to live out my purpose as defined by the angel realm reading I gave myself.

So I love this reading from Inga because it captures something that was nebulous, hovering just out of reach, and explained it in detail!

My Question: What do I need to know or understand as I fully take in and embody my angel realm?

Her Sweet Comment: I had SO MUCH FUN doing this reading! I love your energy! I used the Angel Tarot deck and the Archangel Michael oracle cards.


The Reading...

First Cards ~ Seven of Air and Spend More Time Outdoors. 

It seems like there are some people in your life who live by a more competitive model, or come from a place of lack. They believe that if one person is shining their light, it means there's less attention or light or love for them. 

They're operating from a place of fear, so separating from that energy, or shielding yourself from it if full separation is not possible, is the best way to go. This may already be in the past, but if it isn't, it's time to make it so!  

The way suggested for that is spending time in nature. Go out to the places that speak to your soul, all alone, and spend a good chunk of time meditating. I'm seeing that sitting alone for one to two hours and really focusing on silently observing nature around you and closed-eyes meditation and listening to the silence will help you immensely! You'll feel rejuvenated and reborn, and you'll hear your guides' messages much more clearly. 

***Note: I see a lot of pink and creamsicle orange in your aura, and that bubbly happy energy is really wonderful. You're good at spreading it around and using it to give others a boost, like a little injection of delicious happiness. Part of the mission behind your cheery disposition is to share that energy with others, just by being friendly and smiling and sending a little kind word their way. Giving that positivity to others creates space for you to receive even more of that high-vibrating and joyful energy! It's part of your mission on Earth.*** 

Next Two Cards ~ Ten of Water and Sense of Humor! 

So I see good things coming your way by staying positive and seeing the humor in things. Whatever you can laugh at, has no power over you. If someone tries to program you to feel scared about not having enough of something, or tries to bring you down and make you feel very serious, laugh, even if it's forced at first, and that heavy energy will immediately grow weaker and dissipate! 

The key is keeping your vibration high, laughing loudly and often, and floating on the winds of change, rather than getting blown over by them. 

The Third Cards ~ Ten of Earth and Positive Thoughts Create Positive Results.

Spend lots and lots of time outside to connect to your realms and listen to Mama Nature! Keep those thoughts positive to keep all these great things flowing your way. Your gifts are manifesting through joy and love and happiness. 

I'm being guided to pass along the prayer on the Positive Thoughts card, and for you to say this prayer (or a similar one) every morning (and before bed and even in the middle of the day wouldn't hurt either) to get the ball rolling and start things off on a high-vibrating, positive note! 

"Divine love and wisdom, I call upon you now. I know that my mind and emotions are eternally and continuously connected to you. I ask my Higher Self to be aware and conscious of the love and light that is within every person and situation." And then giggle. :)

What a great reading! Thanks so much, Inga, for speaking this wisdom into my life.

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Romi! Nice to meet you.

  2. You know, that whole competitive nature is difficult for me. I am a recovering competitive person so I think I am especially aware (and possibly annoyed!) by it. Love the suggestion of spending time alone in nature instead.


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    1. Thanks, Julie! It's so nice to see you here. And yes, I really need more time in nature. Slowing down enough to take it in is my challenge.

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