Thursday, July 31, 2014

Doreen Virtue's Words for Earth Angels


If you think you might be an Earth Angel, here's some encouraging and loving words from Doreen Virtue, Realms of the Earth Angels...

“Earth Angel, thank you for being on the planet at this time. With your great loving energy, you’re helping us just by being here! And yet—as you’re well aware—you signed up for so much more. You elected to come here at a crucial time in our planet’s history to effect great change, utilizing your natural resources of talents combined with harmonious actions.

We’re all counting on you to take the reins of your life purpose and embrace it fully. Any step that you take is helpful and sorely needed right now. Please don’t delay moving forward. Doing anything that comes from love in your heart will be helpful. Just dive in." ~~Realms of the Earth Angels

What she said! :)

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your journey this month!

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  1. "Don't delay moving forward" - I love that part. Too often we put things off when we should be doing them now.

    1. I so agree! Thanks so much for dropping by, Dannii. :)

  2. how do we know if we are an earth angel? are earth angels those that heal?

    1. Hi Lisa! Yes, Earth Angels are lightworkers and healers.


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