Thursday, December 20, 2012

Welcome to the Healing Room!


I create virtual retreats, moon rituals and meditations for and offer distant healing for powerful women healers who are ready to heal whatever is in the way so that they can live fully in the center of their life purpose as healers. Becoming yourself is a spiritual calling. And it makes me happy to help you answer the call.

About Me

I am a magical, mystical author and write-at-home mom, homeschooling my son while drinking as much apple crumble tea as I can manage. I am a fairytale coach, moon priestess and spiritual alchemist, a reiki master, a certified charter Healing Codes coach, and an interspiritual ordained priestess and healing minister through Open Ministry and the ULC.

My Spirituality

My path is a faerie faith and hearthcraft that is magical, healing, Goddess-centered, moon-inspired and earth-infused. My spiritual practice includes healing ritual, contemplative prayer and a magical, healing toolkit.

Welcome to my blog! Thanks for coming to visit. Be sure to stop by for a visit at another home on the web, Moon Healing Book. So you can check out my book. :)

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