Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Divine Biz Giveaway ~ I'm Participating! Join Me?

Are you a Spiritual Entrepreneur like me?

If you are and you've ever dreamed of having a huge list of eager and loyal subscribers, people who will be intrigued enough to say yes (and pull out their credit card!) when you send them an offer, then you might want to so this, too !

Rev. Anne Presuel and Sherry Bowers have a fabulous joint venture that I jumped in on myself and I'd love it if you did it, too. It's so much more fun when your friends are all involved!

This joint venture is something completely unique, and unheard of. They're not doing it the way the others usually do, from what I can see. 

And I believe it will add fresh prospects to your list very quickly! (So fast, they say, that it'll make your head spin!).

This is a joint venture - only for spiritual entrepreneurs 
- that is going to help you:
  1. grow your email list quickly and easily,
  2. get in front of your target audience, so they can learn all about how fantastic you are!
  3. gain visibility, so people know you, like you and trust you (remember that's the reason people hire you!);
  4. be seen as the expert in your field, so you get new opportunities and offers and
  5. make fabulous new connections!

To get the JV details, just go here

Divine Biz Giveaway

Not a spiritual entrepreneur?
Stay tuned for how to get my gifts & others when the giveaway begins...

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