Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We're Off to See the Wise One!

Intro to the Wise Ones

We're taking a look at the four core angel realms this week, and next week, and today, we begin our look at Wise Ones.

The Wise Ones have had many lifetimes here on earth and have accumulated a lot of wisdom that they are now here to share in this lifetime.

If this is you, I bet you wish more people would just get over themselves and take your advice! They come to you for advice, and then, for some strange reason, don’t take it. Am I right?

Because they have such depth & wisdom, Wise Ones may have a heavier energy, and may be more serious and intense. Does this description sound like you or anyone you know?

Check back next week, on Tuesday, for more information about Wise Ones that will add to your understanding of this realm

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  1. Hi Anna, that is very interesting. I am not a healer or light worker but that sure does sound like me. I need to spend more time reading information about that. Great information.

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks!! Maybe your lightworking mission has been a well-kept secret until now. :)

  2. I think I know someone like that. I wish people did take her advice! Alana visiting from UBC.

    1. Alana! Nice to see you again!! Hmm, if you even wish that, then she probably is a Wise One.

  3. Anna

    Oh dear - I am definitely not wise (!), but I am just so glad to partake in your timeless warmth, my darling #HUGSSSSSS


    1. Awww! You share a lot of wisdom on your blog, though, for sure. Thanks so much for your kind words. Great to see you here!! <3


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