Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Starperson Angel Realm

(photo credit: Odette NightSky)

In Thursday's post, last week, we took a beginning look at the Starperson angel realm. Many Starpeople have a sense of feeling different, and a longing for home, that is not fully explained until they know that this is their realm.

The Incarnated Starperson

If you’re an Incarnated Starperson, it’s possible that this is your very first lifetime here on earth. And since Star people are a gentle sort, they often find themselves completely overwhelmed by the harshness and the violence of life on this planet, and may find themselves with a longing for “home” that they can’t quite explain.

Personality Traits

“Since Starpeople don’t like to call attention to themselves, they dress for comfort and practicality, instead of for fashion or show. Female Starpeople wear a minimum of makeup and don’t like to fuss with their hair.” –Doreen Virtue, Realms of the Earth Angels

Do the descriptions of the Star realm that you've read here in last week's post and today resonate with you? Do they remind you of yourself or of someone else you know?

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