Thursday, July 17, 2014

Earth Angel Realms: Written in the Stars

Earth Angel Realms

This week, we have been introducing the four core Earth Angel realms, and today, we come to the last one, the Starperson.


"By learning about your spiritual family-of-origin, you’ll understand more about your personality, behavior, and individual quirks."—Doreen Virtue, Realms of the Earth Angels

The Star Realm

Speaking of individual quirks, Starpeople are definitely not from around here! If you’re a Star person, you may really feel like a stranger in a strange land. And it’s because you are.

Sometimes just knowing that, having that awareness validated, helps Star people feel better. You’ve always known you were different, and now, you’ll know why.

“If you’ve had difficulty adjusting to Earthly life, then you’ll probably find answers, comfort, and guidance by [knowing and] remembering your spiritual origin.”--Doreen Virtue, Realms of the Earth Angels

Come back next week, on Thursday, for more about the Star realm.

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  1. Interesting - this is new to me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anna, this has been an interesting series. Thanks for enlightening me.

    1. Thanks, Kim! I have enjoyed writing it, so you're most welcome. :)


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