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"Standing under moonlight is one of the most powerful ways you can activate and link your psychic self. Just as crystals are charged and cleansed under moonlight, so, too, are we." –Lucy Cavendish

Just gazing at the full moon increases the energy of the intention you hold in your mind.  Using the techniques you will learn in this book will empower it even more.

This book offers a way to create healing and transformation in any area of your life by using the nine phases of the moon. After you have chosen your intention, this moon healing process will empower and nurture it through each moon cycle.

Whether your intention is attracting abundance, finding true love or just enjoying life more, you can use this book to bring that intention to life.

Learn how to…

Choose a moon wish or intention
Use ritual to empower it
Create crystal layouts and healing elixirs
Heal whatever is in your way
Evaluate your progress by accessing intuitive guidance


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