Monday, April 8, 2013

The Waning Crescent Moon

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We are right at the tail-end of this moon phase today but there is still time to get in on it for this moon cycle before we jump in to the new moon energy.

The Waning Crescent Moon: This phase is also known as the Dark of the Moon and is a time well after last month’s full moon work has ended and is just before the next month’s cycle begins. 

This is the time to begin to identify the next month’s work and to create and solidify your new intention. When you feel clear about it, utter that intention to the dark of the moon. 

And then, rest. This part of the moon cycle lasts five days and offers built-in hibernation before gearing up for the next big thing you will do. Though you can choose your next goal, it’s not time yet to do anything about it. You still have time for rest and renewal before creating the next transformation.

Mind you, you only have today for this particular moon cycle, but once you begin to attune to the rhythm of the moon, you'll have more advance notice. The waning crescent moon occurs about 5 or 6 days before the new moon, so next month, you can have a good, long rest!

Journal Questions for Reflection

(1) Does the work I just completed suggest a follow-up? Is there anything that would easily make sense as the next thing to do to follow up on the work I just did?

(2) If so, how does that feel to me? Am I ready to take that on or would it be better to wait for another moon cycle?

(3) Is there anything else raising its hand in my life, asking to be created, healed or resolved?

(4) Or more simply, what’s next?

Tomorrow, we'll talk about what to do with this new intention you've chosen.

See you then!
Have a wonderful day!

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