Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Moon, New Name?

I just found out from fellow UBC blogger, Deb Dutilh, that today, April 9th is National Change Your Name Day. How cool that it is so close to the new moon.

You only get to try it out for a day, but what a fun "new moon" toy to play with, don't you think?

"April 9 is National Name Yourself Day, a day to let your creativity soar and have whatever name you desire. For comical relief, change ‘mom’ to THAT LADY. Rapper Eminem referred to himself in a song as Slim Shady. It was his alter-ego, though not so nice. While you’re at the name-changing game, change your birth name too, even if you have liked it all these years. Involve your children and let them change theirs. Make a fun lesson out of it." ~~Examiner.com

I'm playing with Anna River Moonstone today! :)

ETA: By daylight, I had changed my mind to Anna Jane Moonstone. And I am considering it as a pen name. What do you think?

Which name will you choose?

Have a great day!

Anna Jane


  1. Well Anna River Moonstone I think for today I'll be Michelle Conner!

    When my boys were babies and I'd be up late with them I would always be reading cheesy romance novels and I thought if I ever wrote one myself I'd use the name Michelle Conner because my oldest son's middle name is Mitchell and my youngest's is Connor. LOL!

    1. Hi Lynne! What a great name. And hey, maybe someday, you will write your own romance novel. And if you need a volunteer to help you edit it...


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