Thursday, April 11, 2013

Enchanted Ritual: The Power of Music

"Song is life itself. Our voice carries the breath, and song carries the pure note of the spirit, a message from the soul, uniting the outer world with all that dwells within us. Song carries story, tale and meaning, and notes that can literally part the walls between worlds, and heal broken hearts and torn spirits." Lucy Cavendish and Serene Conneeley

The Power of Music in Healing Ritual

I am always most drawn to using music during the letting go moon phase, but it could be used during any moon phase and bring story and power, enchantment and magic to your ritual.

One month, I needed to let go of something I didn't even remember. It was intuitively guided information, a soul story about grief and loss during two possible alternate lives.

I say possible because it doesn't really matter to me if they happened just as I am uncovering in the soul story or not. What matters is that my soul served up this story to me and asked me to respond. So I do. I trust myself.

Letting Go of Grief

So I had two stories of grief and loss and wanted to release them during ritual, and I did feel a little sadness. Kind of like an echo rather than the sound, itself. But it was hard to connect deeply without fully remembering.

So I used this song, and it worked beautifully...

How might you use music in your own rituals?

Later tonight, I'll tell you how to use meditation as part of your new moon ritual. And tomorrow, I'll talk about how to continue the new moon work with a crystal layout.

Have a wonderful day!

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