Thursday, April 18, 2013

The First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon

Today is this moon cycle's First Quarter Moon...

During this moon phase, you identify the fears and blocks that might be holding you back or that might get in the way of manifesting your intention.

What are the fears, the limiting beliefs, and the unhealed memories that, so far, have blocked you from creating this intention and bringing it to life? What's in your way?

Now is the time to deal with it!

The steps are simple. The process ~ maybe not so much...

(1) Identify the Blocks: use journaling, reflection, meditation or intuitive guidance to identify the fears and blocks that are in your way.

(2) Resolve Them: create a ritual, and/or use healing techniques, prayer, crystal elixirs or crystal layouts and other resources to help you resolve these blocks while this moon energy is available to do so.

Crystals you might use for letting go of fear and replacing it with safety and security:

smoky quartz

Essential oils you could use: lavender, sandalwood or patchouli.

I have a vanilla-and-patchouli blend I got from Sage Goddess that I used today and it felt wonderful as soon as I put it on the bottom of my feet.

Your healing process will clear the way for a more powerful full moon experience because your energy and focus will be undiluted.

Have you already begun to identify possible blocks as you read this post? Wishing you the best as you work to resolve them.

Have a great day!

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  1. Hi Jeanine,

    You're so right about the process maybe being less than easy. I'm stuck at step one and have been for what feels like forever. I just took your Mystic Quiz and I got 105 - I guess that makes me a I just need to figure out how to make that work practically in my own life.


    1. Hi Lynne! Wow, yes, you are definitely a mystic!! I have found that focusing on that in my practice and my life has made my life much more delightful. About being stuck at step one: today would be a perfect day to offer your stuckness some help. Even if it was just a small step, like writing down the issue, putting it on your windowsill and laying a crystal on top of it. No crystals? Grab a rock from outside. Really low-commitment way to get started stirring the energy for healing and resolution. Just took a moment to send comfort into your stuck place. Hope it helps!

    2. I haven't tried anything like that before but it resonates with me so I'll give it a try. I have a few crystals around the house so I will find one I like and see what happens.

      Thank you Jeanine.

    3. Yay!! You're welcome, and I'm so glad to hear that, Lynne.

  2. Thanks I am so glad I read this. It's not a question of blocks as such but I have a crazy work life which means I have worked several nights as well as during the day in the past week, and am paying for it physically today. Reading your post,I realise I need some healing and I'll be turning to my lavender and amethyst later. Very grateful.

    1. Sounds wonderful, Harriet!! Hope you are able to rest well.


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