Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Power of Ritual

"Symbols and ritual put us in touch with meaning and mystery in a way nothing else can." ~Art of Ritual

One way to raise the energy for manifesting your intention as you move through each moon phase is to use ritual.

Ritual affirms both to you and to the kind and loving universe that you are serious about your intention. That you mean business! And with each ritual you dedicate to that intention, you empower it, you raise the energy around manifesting it and you create the magic necessary to bring it to life.

It also sharpens your focus. 

Creating what you want is empowered by an absolutely clear intention and the ability to focus on it long enough to summon it and say yes to it.

Each phase of the moon offers you the opportunity to use ritual to reaffirm your intention, strengthen your focus and empower the change you are hoping to create.

In tomorrow's post, I'll explain more about what ritual does and how you can use it to make magic with the moon.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Well said, and I love that you don't add a K to magic :)

  2. I'm looking forward to tomorrows post!

  3. Great post. I love the beautiful moon in the picture.

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I love that moon, too.

  4. The title says it all I guess! :) Nicely said, and I have to agree with Amanda, awesome picture! I can't wait for more (both posts and pictures, lol).

    1. Thanks, Renata!! Yes, I guess it does. I love it, too. It reminds me of how soothing the full moon feels to me.


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