Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ready to Say Goodbye?: The Letting Go Moon

“The waning moon, when it is shrinking back down towards the dark moon, is the best time for cleansing, banishing and completion. If you want to bring something into your life at this time, focus on banishing its opposite, as that is supported by this moon phase.” –Lucy Cavendish

The Third Quarter Moon Phase
This phase is ideal for actually creating a letting go ritual or release ceremony. And this is the phase that completes the work of your moon month, so once you are done with letting go, you can spend time celebrating the work you’ve done and anticipating all the good that will come your way as a result.

Now, I was planning to start our journey into moon phase with the next moon phase, the actual waning crescent moon, later this week, because in my opinion, it starts the next cycle and I thought it would be best to start at the beginning. I had it all planned to go through an entire moon cycle starting with the dark of the moon.

But then I got excited about the power of this moon phase and didn't want to leave it out for those of you who will read this because you're participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, which will end before this moon phase comes around again. So I'm kind of sneaking this post in just for you guys!

It's such a powerful phase!

As you'll see later in the month, there is a similar phase, designed to help you break free of blocks and limitations, and that involves some letting go, as well. But this is the final goodbye and it can be very powerful.

When I did this month's letting go ritual early this morning, I really felt the grief of saying goodbye. And now, half a day later, I feel so much lighter. Happier, too!

That picture is the crystal layout I did to support the work of the ritual. And here is one of songs on my letting go playlist (from the ritual, which turned out to be a lot like a funeral, except for this song, which is the one I started with)...

Getting in on the Letting Go Moon

How can you get in on this action, even though this moon month is at an end? Well, if you already know what you might want to work on during the next moon cycle, which is around the end of this week, see if you can think of what you would have to banish, or let go of, to do the work you've identified.

Write that down, whatever it is, and put it on your windowsill tonight.

See you tomorrow!

Have a great day!


  1. How wonderful that we were posting on a very similar topic on the same day :) I love the energy that comes from letting go - although I did shed a tear for some of the books I "released" when I emigrated. I think I should probably have honored them with some kind of ritual.

    1. Yes, isn't that wonderful? And hey, it's never too late to honor the past with ritual. Even if years have gone by. It's wonderful both for release and for closure!


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