Saturday, April 6, 2013

Designing Your Moon Ritual: What You'll Need

"When you determine the symbols to use in a ritual, you not only choose things and acts that have a personal meaning for you, but perhaps unknown to you, the choices you make likely tap into a greater and more profound history that is accessible through your own unconscious." ~~Art of Ritual

Ritual Tools

What are the tools you will need to create your moon rituals?

Though they may change, to some extent, with each ritual, it will help to have a small supply on hand from which to choose so you aren't caught without what you need on the day you need it. Possible items to have on hand include candles, crystals, essential oils, smudge sprays, symbols that hold special meaning to you, a journal, and anything else that might either bring comfort or signify power to you.

For example, I  have done simple "write-in-your-journal" rituals that were made much more meaningful when I added a cup of vanilla tea to the experience. I also have seen others use religious statues, crosses, spirals and other symbols that helped them feel more secure as they offered up their intentions in ritual.

Journal Question: what would be meaningful and important to you to have with you during your ritual?

Tomorrow, I'll offer a sample plan for a ritual that may help you clarify what you want to include.

See you then!

Have a wonderful day!

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