Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Moon Ritual

Welcome to the New Moon

This phase is the one for creating something new! For setting your intention and consecrating it by offering it to the new moon.

Crystal Elixir 

What I often do is create a crystal elixir designed to empower my intention. For instance, when it’s time to work on letting go, I use a base of crystals that are good for letting go (like apache tears, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, danburite, etc.) and then add crystals specific to what it is I am letting go of that month. If I am working on adding something or my intention is to empower something, I use crystals related to that issue.

One month, I created a Goddess Love elixir that I still have on my altar. I also sometimes I create a smudge spray made with the same basic potion and then I use that to clear the air whenever that is needed.

If you decide to make a crystal power potion, you want to create it the day before you will use it, so you can leave it on the windowsill overnight to charge it.

How to Make a Crystal Elixir

(1) Start with identifying the crystals that correspond to your intention, gather them together, along with a double-terminated clear quartz crystal to supercharge the potion, and place them in the glass you plan to use.

(2) Pour filtered water into the glass, and charge it with reiki symbols, your wand, a prayer, etc.

(3) Place the glass on your windowsill, cover it with a paper towel and let it sit overnight to soak up the moon’s light and/or energy.

(4)The next day, pour the moon-and-crystal-charged water into the container you want to keep it in and label it, so you’ll remember what’s in there. Sometimes I will keep put one of the crystals in the container, often the clear quartz crystal.

New Moon Ritual

This ritual can be quick and simple: you splash some of the water on your hands, clasp your hands together and state your intention. Or more elaborate...

(1) Clear the energy with a smudge spray or a crystal wand.

(2) Light a candle while thinking about your intention.

(3) State your intention. You also can say a prayer for your intention and call in any "outside" help you'd like to include.

(4) Anoint yourself with the water. Start with your heart space and your third eye and then, anywhere you feel led to anoint.

(5) Hold some of those crystals in your hand and visualize your intention coming to life.

(6) Use a healing technique or pray to heal anything that needs to heal in order for it to manifest.

(7) Close with a statement of faith that what you want is being created already and is on its way to you.

(8) Blow out the candle.

(9) Clear the energy again.

What about music? Tomorrow, I'll talk about adding music to your ritual and then, we can look at crystal layouts to extend the healing and magic of the ritual.

Have you chosen your new moon intention yet?

See you tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Visiting from the UBC! Didn't understand much except your profile! Sounds like you've got an interesting life and business - very different from the marketing consultant world I work in!

    I love how your blog has so many pretty photos. Must take note of that...

    Best wishes!

    1. Hi Amy! I guess it is a different world. Thx for visiting and commenting!

  2. Visiting from the UBC and I love your blog! This all sounds very interesting! Thanks for sharing, I'll have to remember to come back!

    1. Thanks so much! It's great to see you here!!


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