Sunday, April 7, 2013

Designing Your Moon Ritual: Putting It All Together

Once you are crystal clear about your intention, and have chosen what you will use for your ritual, you are ready to plan it.

Creating a Basic Plan for Your Moon Ritual

Remember that a good ritual tells a story. It has a beginning, middle and an end. It also signifies change or transition.

So a simple structure for a ritual that you can use again and again, and add to when needed, might include…

(1) Clearing the space: by using a smudge spray (or any aromatherapy spray) or a crystal or wooden wand

(2) Lighting a candle: and keeping it lit throughout the ceremony

(3) An invocation: where you state your intention for the ritual or offer a prayer for whatever is the focus.

(4) The process you’ve chosen: for healing, for honoring the transition, for declaring a change. This might include a healing technique, or using crystals in a layout, holding them in your hand, using an essential oil, playing music you’ve chosen, writing about the issue at hand in your journal, etc.

(5) The conclusion: for closure of the experience. Might be as simple as blowing out the candle or might include making a final statement.

If your ritual becomes more elaborate, those parts of the process would likely occur in the middle.

And even if you think you know exactly what you will do and when, it is still a good idea to create a basic outline. From my own rituals, I know that it will make the experience go much more smoothly. 

Trying to remember what you were planning to do next is no fun. Neither is remembering an hour after you’ve finished!

And speaking of finishing, if your ritual included creating a crystal grid or layout, then you will have two endings. One at the end of your ritual, during which the layout was created, and one once you have taken the layout down. You can decide whether or not to make the 2nd ending ceremonial.

Tomorrow, I get to start describing each moon phase in more detail as I take you through this month's moon cycle.We start with the waning crescent moon.

See you then!

Have a wonderful day!

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