Friday, April 5, 2013

Designing Your Moon Ritual: Getting Clear

In yesterday's post, I told you that every good ritual tells a story about who you are and what you intend. And that a powerful ritual will have the following elements…

(1) A clear beginning, middle and end
(2) A purpose related to the intention you have already clarified
(3) Tools and resources that are meaningful to you and related to the ritual’s purpose

Today, starting with identifying and clarifying the purpose, let's begin to look at how to design your own simple moon ritual...

Getting Clear

This first step is really important.

Consider this question: if getting what you want is really as simple as having an intention, then why do we have such a difficult time creating those things in our lives? What makes the process fail?

I believe there are a couple of reasons. One is not being fully clear about what we want and the other is that while consciously, we are saying yes, subconsciously, we are saying no way! Working with the moon phases can help us resolve both challenges.

But first, let’s look at an example of what I mean…

Conscious intention: I want to start my own business and make lots of money.

Subconscious sabotage: if I start my own business, everyone will think I’m crazy for walking away from nine-to-five security. And if I make lots of money, my brother will be jealous. How will I handle it if I start making more money than my parents ever did? Besides, most people fail when they go off on their own. Why would I be any different? Remember how awful it felt to lose that contest in high school? Remember that time when Dad lost his job? Is that what I want my life to be like?

Ack! Doesn’t that make you want to go lie down?

So when you are choosing an intention, be aware that later, you will need to do a little inner look-around to see if any limiting beliefs or unhealed memories might be hanging around, gathering dust. Know that they are there or you would have what you want already.

So be sure that what you want is really what you want, even if it means having to heal issues from the past that may feel a little uncomfortable to identify.

Once you’re sure, and willing to do the work of healing, you’re ready to plan your ritual.

"Any ritual you design is an attempt to return to a sense of wholeness that transition has altered." ~~Renee Beck & Sydney Barbara Metrick

Tomorrow, we'll look at gathering the tools and resources you'll need for your ritual.

See you then!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I cannot wait for tomorrow. I'm always wanting to know how to handle the moon phases...I'm an INFP too...but I would lay off the Frosted Flakes ;)!

    1. Ha! Of course, I should lay off them. :) Thanks!

  2. Love the example you gave - it makes perfect sense and is exactly why I still work a full time job! LOL

    Visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge :)

    1. LOL, Kimberly!! I know what you mean. Thx so much for coming to visit me.

  3. That is very interesting. I look forward to learning more tomorrow.


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