Friday, April 12, 2013

Facing Down a Mountain of Resistance

So, in yesterday's post, I admitted that when the time came to gear up for this month's new moon work, I just did not feel like doing it. But today, I can happily report that I am back in the game for this month.

Climbing Resistance Mountain 

(1) First, I ate an impressive amount of white cheddar popcorn. There may have been a few cookies,too. (Don't judge)

(2) Then I grabbed my "take back your power" elixir and my "find your voice" elixir, and after using them, I put them on the windowsill, surrounded by a circle of carnelian, which, itself, was surrounded by double-terminated clear quartz crystal.

(I have rough ones, too, but I used large tumbled ones, like these)

(3) I did a quick ritual that included prayer, my wand, my desert jasper and a lot of compassion for myself. I realized that I had had a dream recently that foreshadowed this resistance.

And I remembered feeling so intimidated by what I understood of its meaning, that I just sort of left it for later. Looked like later had turned into now, LOL! It was one of my driving the car dreams, and was about all sorts of things going wrong after I got behind the wheel.

For me, in addition to whatever else makes the particular dream unique, it comes down to trusting myself and feeling safe.

(4) I decided to make 2 crystal elixirs, one I would call Safe and another for the actual moon wish I am going to work on this month. I would work on trust and safety first and then, create the 2nd elixir.

(5) I also did an intuitive reading to get some extra insight into the problem, and a healing ritual and meditation.

(6) It all worked, and really helped. But the work will continue this month, and I will see how it goes. At each phase, I'll check in with myself and see which adjustments I might need to make to keep things on course.

But meanwhile, have a look at the crystal layout I finally created!

Dealing with Resistance

My encouragement for anyone dealing with resistance is to lean into it, and try to figure out what your inner child needs, or what the inner fear is about, and then, address that in your ritual or moon work. Put the other work on hold, if you need to, until you're ready. You've got nothing but time, right?

How do you usually handle resistance after you've set a goal or intention?

See you tomorrow!

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