Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spiritual Support for Your New Story

Support for Your New Path

In yesterday's post, I asked you which story your life will tell next and gave you suggestions for how to connect to the story that is waiting to be told (or expressed) in your life.

Here are support and resources for writing your new story & creating your new path...


(1) Clary Sage: strengthens intuition for vision and dream guidance and increases euphoria

(2) Rose: for letting go of fear

(3) Bergamot: increases self-love and self-acceptance

(4) Grapefruit: helps you let go of negative patterns and offers emotional clearing & cleansing


Selenite: for angelic inspiration and connection

Unakite: to get right to the heart of the matter and help you heal whatever might be in your way

Tomorrow, we are moving on to look at ways to create spiritual practice that supports your new intention and path.

Have a great day!

So many of us live our lives stuck in neutral.
Do you ever feel that way?
What if you could get yourself unstuck & finally heal
whatever is blocking you from the life that's waiting for you.
Announcing the Moon Healing eKit:
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  1. I would definitely try one of these aromatherapies.

  2. Ok...seriously!! :-) Aromatherapy is every where for me these days. I'm following the signs and taking a course. I think I might follow all the way through to getting certified. I have a meeting this afternoon with a woman to talk it over with and get some ideas of how it will augment what I'm already doing. Yay!

    1. Wow! How exciting!! I have a certification in spiritual aromatherapy and I loved everything I learned during that course. Let me know what you decide; it would be great to hear about what you're learning if you do take it.


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