Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to Create a Mystical, Magical Daily Spiritual Practice (Part Two)

Creating a Daily Spiritual Practice, Mystic Style

Here are a few more things to keep in mind as you consider how to create a deeper daily spiritual practice...

(1) It needs to provide you with deeper access to intuitive guidance in whatever way works for you…
(a) writing in your journal
(b) intuitive readings
(c) spirit animal guidance
(d) meditation with spirit guides

(2) It needs to give you faith to trust the guidance you receive and courage to take the steps that move you along the path to the life you want most.

So you need to regularly place yourself in front of whatever inspires you, deepens your faith, helps you believe in magic or miracles, gives you the courage too believe in yourself and reach for your dreams, and heals the limiting beliefs and unhealed memories that could get in your way.

What would that mean for you?

Have a great day!

So many of us live our lives stuck in neutral.
Do you ever feel that way?
What if you could get yourself unstuck & finally heal
whatever is blocking you from the life that's waiting for you.
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  1. Thank you for an interesting post.

    1. You're welcome, Di! Thanks for coming to say hello. :)

  2. I read the first part yesterday and loved the second part too...useful post and hope it helps others to find their spiritual path..

    1. Well, thank you, Priya! I'm glad you found it helpful. I hope others find it helpful, too.


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