Friday, January 31, 2014

Creating a Daily Spiritual Practice: The Final Guideline...

Creating a Daily Spiritual Practice

We've been taking a look at guidelines for creating a deeper daily spiritual practice, and here is the final one I want to share with you. It just might be the most important one of them all.

It has to be a peace practice, not just a spiritual one. Mystics have a deep longing for peace that is often ignored and rarely satisfied. So crafting a spiritual practice has to include careful, deliberate planning to create peace.

What this could mean… 

(1) adding a cup of chamomile tea to your journaling or inspirational reading time. Or, drinking more tea in general. Or your comfort beverage of choice.

(2) adding a few minutes at the end of your walking meditation to sit and lean into the grounding energy of an oak tree nearby.

(3) holding a comforting crystal in each hand, moonstone or rose quartz or selenite (etc.), during your meditation time.

(4) learning some soothing tai chi chih moves.

(5) creating or asking your yoga teacher for a comforting yoga sequence.

(6) listening to music that soothes

(7) chanting a peace mantra or listening to chant.

In part two of this post, I'll suggest three more ways to create peace and comfort and give you some homework to help you process all of this information.

Have a great day!

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  1. Very nice post. It is the peace that we all seek, so remembering to add something peaceful to our "personal time" is what makes that time peaceful instead of just one more thing we feel we must do.
    Thanks for the reminder.

    1. That's a great way to put it! You're welcome.

  2. Hi What a great post. It reminded me that I have to do some meditation and relaxing.

    Someone said to me the other day, the busier one is, the more time we need to find for meditation.

    The only thing I do so far is the tea :(

    1. Hi Liliana! Well, at least you make the tea. But I know what you mean. It can be so hard sometimes to find the time. And that's when we need it most!


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