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A Closer Look at Sleeping Beauty: What are Your Limiting Beliefs?

A Closer Look at Sleeping Beauty & Limiting Beliefs

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In yesterday's first look at Sleeping Beauty, I asked if you could relate to any of the themes from this story showing up in your own life and I shared what some of those themes were. I also gave you questions to ask yourself to see if this is a story your life is telling.

Today, let's look again, and see what limiting beliefs you might have if this story was one of your favorites (as it was mine, as a child).

Does There Have to Be Struggle?

"He made his way through slowly and with a struggle, for the trees and bushes grew in a thick tangle. A few hours later, now losing heart, he was about to turn his horse and go back when he thought he could see something through the trees... He pushed back the branches... Wonder of wonders! There in front of him stood a castle with high towers."-Sleeping Beauty

If this has been your path, you may have two limiting beliefs that you learned or concluded somewhere along the way...

Limiting Beliefs

(1) That anything good that you want will take a long time and require struggle.

(2) That only if you persevere through the long battle, when nothing seems good, will you eventually stumble upon your reward.

The Law of Attraction

But are either of these really true? Certainly, it is what people sometimes experience! But must they?

According to the Law of Attraction, you can have whatever you want and it can come to you easily. If that doesn't happen, then there are probably limiting beliefs and painful feelings (like the prince's melancholy mood) in the way.

Tomorrow, let's look at a few more aspects of this story and see what happens when we apply it to our own lives.

Have a great day!

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  1. No, we make our own struggles or set them. Not saying that life does as plan.

    Coffee is on

    1. Hi Dora! I think we sometimes do, too. And maybe it's because this has been our story. But it can change! Good to see you.

  2. Interesting take on limitations. I believe that God takes opportunities to help grow our relationship with him. So, my take that if there is some sort of limiting, it is God's way of making me better. Although, sometimes I'm just screwing up and it's all me! ;-)

    1. Hi Wendy! I agree that any difficulty can be an opportunity to grow our spiritual relationship or deepen that connection. And by limiting beliefs, I mean the ones that aren't true that we believe are true. Like "you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince!" ;)


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