Monday, July 29, 2013

Moon Phases for this Week: Third Quarter Moon & Waning Crescent Moon

Third Quarter Moon & Waning Crescent Moon

This week, the moon is heading back toward darkness during the third quarter moon and waning crescent moon phases.

“The waning moon, when it is shrinking back down towards the dark moon, is the best time for cleansing, banishing and completion. If you want to bring something into your life at this time, focus on banishing its opposite, as that is supported by this moon phase.” –Lucy Cavendish

The Third Quarter Moon Phase
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This phase is ideal for actually creating a letting go ritual or release ceremony. When you think about the intention you hope to bring to life, and the healing work you've done this month to empower it, is there anything you need to say a final goodbye to?

Anything that needs to be released in order to pave the way for your intention to be actualized?

Write that down, whatever it is, and put it on your windowsill tonight.

And this is the phase that completes the work of your moon month, so once you are done with letting go, you can spend the next few days celebrating the work you’ve done and anticipating all the good that will come your way as a result.

During the waning crescent moon phase, which starts this Thursday, you can begin to think about the next month's work.

And then, rest. This part of the moon cycle lasts five days and offers built-in hibernation before gearing up for the next big thing you will do. Though you can choose your next goal, it’s not time yet to do anything about it. You still have time for rest and renewal before creating the next transformation.

Have a great day!

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  1. Definitely will be thinking about next months' work this evening.

    1. That's great, Stephanie!! Blessings on the work you choose.

  2. I'm trying to take it easy tonight. I would have normally gone t an exercise class but the backyard called to me. I'm here writing where I can se my daylilies bloom. Soon they will be gone. The late summer crickets are chirping and there is a gentle breeze. What will I let go of? The need to always feel like I am doing something. A fall yesterday made me slow down. What will I let go of? Trying to feel bad about taking this evening "off". Visiting from the UBC.

    1. Oh good! Those are both great things to let go of. Hope you recover quickly from your fall.


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