Thursday, July 11, 2013

Daily Spiritual Practice: Prayer

Daily Spiritual Practice: Prayer

May all that hinders me be released,
May all the binds me be released,
May the outdwellers of my heart be released,
That I may be made pure.

I love this prayer from the Solitary Druid Fellowship liturgy and I love even more the way he explains outdwellers of my heart....

"In the SDF liturgy, however, the emphasis is not placed on beings in physical space; instead, it focuses on the idea of an outdweller being present in the heart of the solitary practitioner. This presence could be conceived of as many things, not the least of which would be fear, doubt, anxiety, or a sense of unworthiness. These are things which hinder us in our solitary practice, and it serves us well to invite them to leave — if only at first for the duration of this ritual — so that we might be confident in our actions. For me, personally, I find the term “outdweller of my heart” to be deeply compassionate. To speak it aloud is to acknowledge that within me there are countless forces, many of which are of my own making, which seek to derail me and take me off of my path."

What means so much to me about this idea is that it offers a way, everyday, to acknowledge and address the parts of ourselves we often try not to think about or pretend aren't really there. But it also offers a way to diminish their influence on our spiritual practice.

What are the outdwellers in your heart?

Have a great day!

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  1. That's a really lovely prayer.. feels peaceful after reading it.

    1. Oh good, Dominique! I quite like it, too. Thanks for stopping by!


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