Thursday, July 25, 2013

Daily Spiritual Practice: Creating an Altar

Daily Spiritual Practice: Creating an Altar

An altar can be a great support for your spiritual practice but it offers a place to group together things that remind you of your faith or support you in it. For example, the altar in that picture used to have spiritual books on it and I often grabbed one each morning when I first got up.

Then, this summer, I decided I wanted to try it without books and I gave it a sort of goddess-y, priestess theme as I re-created it. My books are now in the chair next to it because I haven't figured out where else to put them. :)

This altar will stay in place for at least the summer season, but they also can be temporary. I have friends who create a new altar for each season and others who do so for each holiday they celebrate.

I have another altar that shifts, at least a little, each month, to reflect whatever my focus is going to be for that moon cycle.

Have you ever created an altar?

Have a great day!

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  1. I have a couple also. I have one that pretty much stays the same all the time and another in my creative space that changes monthly or moonly if you prefer. ;)

    They are a constant comfort to me - they are always there for me and regularly ground me in myself and my practice.

    Great post Anna Jeanine!!

    1. Thanks, Lynne!! I try to change mine mooonly, as well. :)

      But the one in the picture has wanted to stay the same for the past couple of months. And yes, they are wonderfully grounding and comforting.


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