Monday, April 7, 2014

Faerietale Happiness Challenge: Shopping & Authenticity

If you've been reading along this month, you know this already, but for any welcome new guests who have just arrived, here's a recap of what I am doing...

This month, I am challenging myself to create happiness each day during my own faerietale happiness challenge. I've written my own faerietale, describing my own vision of an ideal life, and created a list of things I can do each day now to create as much of the ideal as possible in my everyday experience. It's an experiment to discover if living my chosen story full out will make me happier.

How was your weekend?

I've been doing some shopping. Self-expression and authenticity are very important to me, so I want what I put on myself to reflect who I am inside. And I shop with this in mind.

Well, several months ago, I met with David Zyla and received a personalized color palette with customized style recommendations. Ever since then, I've been adding to my wardrobe here and there, and wearing what I've got already that matches those colors.

One thing I've discovered that adds to my happiness is (1) wearing my favorite colors and (2) looking in the mirror and really seeing me. There's a magic that has been happening lately that makes me see myself more clearly, and others have given me feedback that they see it, too.

So, I had some frustration because some of the colors I want most are hard to find right now, but I also had some success, and am eagerly awaiting what I ordered to come in the mail. :)

Being who you are, expressing what's you at the core and seeing yourself clearly in the mirror. Does that make you happy, too?

What if you could finally heal
whatever is blocking you from the faerietale life
that's waiting for you?



  1. I definitely feel happy wearing my favorite colors - and getting compliments! Lucky for me that color has been popular this season, and I have bought lots of items in that color because I went through many years where it was hard to find. Your favorite color will have its year, too.

    1. Oh, that's great, that you've been able to find a lot of things in your favorite color! It will be easier for me in the fall, I think.


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