Thursday, April 10, 2014

Faerietale Happiness Challenge: Dealing with Challenge Days

Challenge Days

Although I often wake up without a structured plan for my days, I'm thinking that usually there must be something hanging out in the back of my mind, because if something comes along to shake things up, I still get stressed about it. I think of those days as challenge days because I have to adapt on the spot and figure out what to do, instead of whatever I thought would happen.

Another kind of challenge day happens when I am just too tired to do much of anything but still feel the pressure of something that must be done. And I have chronic fatigue syndrome, so when I say tired, I mean TIRED!

Creating the Good Moments

What I am finding is that even on those days, making it my intention to create moments I enjoy helps to make it a day that overall is one I remember fondly.

Like drinking my favorite tea. Playing a fun game with my family. Enjoying the breeze as I walk back from the car to my home.

I give my most recent challenge day a daily simple happiness rating of 6.

How is your day going?

Hope it's wonderful!

What if you could finally heal
whatever is blocking you from the faerietale life
that's waiting for you?



  1. very nice article and so much truth in it

  2. Hey Anna

    This is a SUPERB blog post! You have proven that the length of an article is NOT always related to its impact.

    You have packed a POWERFUL punch with this reminder. Yes, those 'simple pleasures' in life can brighten the most challenging of days. Hope you are doing and feeling much better #Muaaah

    I give myself a 6 too for today!

    Lots of love and best wishes

    1. Hi Kit! Thanks so much for coming to visit, and for the kind words. I love that your day was a 6, too!

  3. Replies
    1. Awww, how sweet! Thank you, Sophie!! :)


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