Monday, April 14, 2014

Faerietale Happiness Challenge: Quiet Days

As a reminder, I am doing a 30-day challenge this month: I am challenging myself to create happiness each day during my own faerietale happiness challenge.

I've written my own faerietale, describing my own vision of an ideal life, and created a list of things I can do each day now to create as much of the ideal as possible in my everyday experience. It's an experiment to discover if living my chosen story full out will make me happier.

And so far, it seems to be working!

But what do you do during the quiet days?

I have so much to do, and almost all of it would feel good. Not just to accomplish, but to do. But unfortunately, I overdid it during the errand extravaganza I posted about on Friday, and am still recovering.

I should change that to "choosing to use today to recover," but honestly, I am torn. I really want to get more done than I will be able to and am right now trying to decide between competing items on the to-do list. Rest is supposed to be at the top of my list right now, but that is my least likely accomplishment.

So, I know that if I want to create a daily simple happiness score of 7 or higher (my goal each day), then I need to choose from among my happiness list in addition to the "to-do" one.

I did spend some time with my son, and now, he is off to work on his creative writing. Perhaps I'll listen to some music. I have a Celtic CD that is very soothing and it would be a great backdrop to whatever else I choose. Especially my own writing chores!

But first, some toe-tapping, exquisite harmony inspiration...

I like their version better than the original, and now, that I've listened, and clapped & tapped my toes, I'm awake and feeling a bit more enthusiastic. Now for some more inspiration, and this by way of really GORGEOUS harmonies that grab you as you listen...

Could not resist singing along and boy, that gave me goosebumps! LOVE that song for its beauty and harmony. And now, I would give this day a rating of 8 and I feel ready to head for the to-do list.

What do you do on days when you just don't have a full day in you? I am finding that often even something small, like lighting a yummy-smelling candle or listening to amazing music has a  powerful impact on the way I feel.

Have a great day!

What if you could finally heal
whatever is blocking you from the faerietale life
that's waiting for you?



  1. Music has a way of sending so many different messages and producing such a variety of energy levels that I don't think it can be rivaled. For me, a friend calling on the telephone or a brief interlude of exercise will usually get me back on track.

    1. Hi Florence! I so agree about the power of music. And I love that you know how to get back on track. I remember when I had absolutely no clue how! :0

  2. Dearest Anna

    I am back to rate my day!! ;) Well, today was slightly frustrating, but it ended with a PUBLISH on my blog, so all's good ;) hehe

    Music is my 'nirvana' too. Chatting with my Facebook Friends and reading books also help.

    I give myself a 5/10 today :)

    Love ya, lady

    1. Awww, thanks so much, Kitto! Well, 5 out of 10 is good. Really shows the power of being deliberate about creating happiness to offset the day's frustration.


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