Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Faerietale Happiness Challenge: The Care & Feeding of a Hermit

So I must confess that I am something of a hermit. I remember once at a church I used to go, I was invited to some kind of afternoon thing a friend of mine was planning to attend.

She described all the different things that would happen at this park gathering. Things for kids, music for grown-ups, etc. And I told her that there was nothing she described that sounded better to me than what I would be doing at home.

And that's the truth! Generally speaking, I would rather be at home.

So one of the things I am learning during this faerietale happiness challenge is that I need to be particularly careful to guard my happiness on days when I have errands to run or appointments to attend. And often what happens is that, pushed for time, I don't get to do anything that feels good before I have to leave.

But I'm going for an enchanted, faerietale life here, so I have decided that I need to really think about how to add enchantment on those days when I wake up thinking about everywhere I have to go, what I need to do first, what the challenges might be as I try to get ready, and what I'm not going to have time to do. Those are the days I need the faerietale most! :)

I had yet another day like that recently and to be honest, the number three comes to mind when I think about giving it a simple happiness rating. 3. Some frustrating things happened, some impatient moments occurred, and then there was some sadness.

But there were good moments, too, like when my mom, and son and I were harmonizing to "For the Longest Time" in the car, or when we stopped for lunch at Carey Hilliard's.

So what I need to figure out is: how can I create enough magic, enchantment and simple happiness as a sandwich around the parts of the day I don't particularly love, so that my overall assessment, and hopefully, my ongoing assessment, is more positive? That's what I will be working on as the month, and this happiness experiment, continues.

What would you put on your happiness sandwich? :)

What if you could finally heal
whatever is blocking you from the faerietale life
that's waiting for you?



  1. I can relate to being a hermit. There's little that gets me out and about and when I have to go out I make sure that I add something I'm going to particularly enjoy in the midst of the errands. I stop at a little indie bookseller I enjoy, a cup of tea from my favourite coffee shop - just a little something to make my time away from home enjoyable.

    1. Hi Lynne! Glad you can relate. That's great that you add in a little treat for yourself while you're out and about!

  2. On those days, I put the top down on my car, crank the car stereo, and sing out loud like I'm on a stage.

    I also hug my cats, even though that's probably frustrating for them (they act like it is, anyway).

    Some days that's all I have time for.

    1. Dr. Wixy, I also sing like I'm on stage when I'm in my car. But that's every day, to be honest! ;)

  3. I like to be at home, as a parent of 3, we are always on the run and I just long to be at home in the quiet. I think people are too busy. Me included.

    1. Boy, am I familiar with that longing to be home! But also the anticipation when it is finally time to head home after a day of wandering.

  4. Anne

    I think I have found my #BlogosphereSoulmate! #Muaaaah

    I am a true-blue introvert who is repelled by over-stimulation. That is not to say that I don't enjoy people - I do, but I VALUE my solitude too much to spend all my time with others.

    My loved ones find this frustrating, but why shouldn't I embrace my true essence, eh?!

    LOVE YA, darling


    PS: My happiness sandwich has Leo Di Caprio in the middle! hehehehehehehe

    1. LOLOL about Leo! And #Muaaaah right back at ya. It does sound like you are a kindred spirit. :)


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