Thursday, April 3, 2014

Faerietale Happiness Challenge: The First Couple of Days

As you know, if you're reading along, I am challenging myself to create happiness each day during my own faerietale happiness challenge. I've written my own faerietale, describing my own vision of an ideal life, and created a list of things I can do each day now to create as much of the ideal as possible in my everyday experience. It's an experiment to discover if living my chosen story full out will make me happier.

Though my intention is to do as many of the things on my list as I can, I know that realistically, there will be days when I can only do one or two, or when a whole day is given to just one thing. The first couple of days were that way in a sense.

My family was celebrating a birthday so we spent time with my mom and went out to eat, played games and just had more fun, in general, than usual. My son loves my mother and it was wonderful, as always, to watch them together.

I would give the first couple of days a faerietale happiness score of 7.

How's it going for you?

What if you could finally heal
whatever is blocking you from the faerietale life
that's waiting for you?



  1. I just read your challenge and love it! I wish you the best to find happiness <3

    1. Oh, thanks, Priya! I appreciate that. :)

  2. Let the happiness spread along... Cheeers

  3. aw such a lovely post wishing you all the best


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