Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Finding Home for Earth Angels ~ the Starperson Realm

If a Star person phoned home, which room would she miss the most? How can a Star person create a room that feels like home?

If your earth angel realm is the Star realm, you might love having a room with a window seat so you can gaze at the moon or the stars and dream of other worlds. You could have bookcases on either side or somewhere else in the room so that you could grab your favorite science fiction novel whenever the mood struck.

"No other space in a house says 'comfort' quite like a window seat. Sitting here feels like an embrace from the house." – Sarah Susanka, the not so big house: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live

How neat! Because the star realm often struggles with feelings of aloneness and an isolating sense of differentness more than the other core realms. Connecting with other worlds from a window seat that feels like the embrace of home would be very comforting.

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