Thursday, September 4, 2014

Welcome to September!

Welcome to September!

How was your summer?

Mine was a lot busier than I had expected it to be, in part, because my son took drama and dance classes at the local children’s theater. I am proud to announce that he was The Beast in their production of Beauty and the Beast.

And then there was my yearly homeschool planning extravaganza! Always a relief to complete but stressful during the actual planning process.

And for some reason, this year, I just did not want to do it. I really had to push myself to get it done! I’m hoping the actual homeschool year will be much more fun.

Anyway, one of the things I thought a lot about while driving back and forth this summer, and drifting into naps when I should have been planning, planning, planning, was what it means to create a home for your soul.

More specifically, I’ve been dreaming of creating a healing room for myself. Right now, my “healing room” is an L-shaped space in my bedroom.

And I’d love for it to have its own room. With a window seat for moon gazing and an oversized comfy chair for meditating.

And lots of space for altars and a closet designed to store my crystals, my wands and other magical tools when I’m not using them.

What would your special room be like?

I started thinking about the angel realms and thought it would be fun to speculate about what each of the four core realms would need to nurture themselves. How might it be different for each realm?

Stay tuned as we head into fall…

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