Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Finding Home for Earth Angels ~ Incarnated Elementals

I would expect to hear music or laughter coming from the home of an Incarnated Elemental. :)

But what would feel like home?

If you are an Incarnated Elemental, perhaps you might want a music room? An art studio?

You might have several favorite ways to express yourself. Whatever you choose, create a space of your own where you can leave unfinished projects as they are and close the door on them when it's time for something else you've got planned.

And in another part of your home, because you enjoy having fun and connecting with others, you may want to have a great room. Here's a suggestion for how to divide up the space within the great room…

"To give a group a chance to be together, as a group, a room must also give them the chance to be alone, in ones and twos in the same space. Therefore, make small places at the edge of any common room usually no more than 6 feet wide and 3 to 6 feet deep and possibly much smaller. These alcoves should be large enough for two people to sit, chat or plan and sometimes large enough to contain a desk or table." – Christopher Alexander and colleagues, A Pattern Language

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