Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Incarnated Elemental Realm

Our focus this month as we head more deeply into the fall season is to talk about creating a soul home for each of the earth angel core realms. And I thought it might be good to have one day each week just to remind you of what the realms are. So for each one, I’ll share what I love most about it.

This week, our focus is on Incarnated Elementals: My favorite thing about the Elemental earth angel realm is how much fun they are to be around.

One of my best friends has this as part of her realm, and when I was younger (and had a lot more energy), I looked forward to hanging out with her every weekend because I knew that no matter what we decided to do, it would be fun! Once a year, she would throw a big party and friends would come from several states over just to be there.

I remember that one of her New Year’s Eve parties was so much fun it turned into a sleepover. :)

What about you? Is the Elemental earth angel realm part of your angel realm blend or identity?

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