Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Incarnated Angel

This month, we are talking about creating a soul home for each of the core realms, so I thought it might be good to have one day each week just to remind you of what the realms are. And for each one, my plan is to share what I love most about it.

This week, our focus is on the Incarnated Angels ...

My favorite thing about the Incarnated Angel realm is their kind and loving hearts. They are the givers and are the perfect friend to have when you need compassion and understanding and a listening ear.

I have a friend who I believe is a Mystic Angel, which means she is a realm blend that includes Incarnated Angel. She’s quiet but she is a great listener and as a nurse, she has heard it all. I like listening to her stories about her own life and the interesting things some of her patients say.

What about you? Is the Incarnated Angel realm part of your angel realm blend or identity?

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