Monday, May 13, 2013

Moon Magic Monday: Are You Getting in Your Own Way?

The Waxing Crescent Moon & the First Quarter Moon

During this week, the energy is beginning to build for whatever you have chosen as your intention this month.

Now that you have created an intention ritual for the new moon , and followed that up with a couple of days of sharing your crystals with the moonlight, this phase is a good time to gather ideas to identify what is needed to bring the intention to fruition. What will it take to make this dream come true?

And what is most likely to get in your way? This is a great time to get out your journal and really be as honest as you can about your own limitations.

During the first quarter moon phase, which occurs this week on Saturday, you identify the fears and blocks that might be holding you back or that might get in the way of manifesting your intention.

What are the fears, the limiting beliefs, and the unhealed memories that, so far, have blocked you from creating this intention and bringing it to life? What's in your way?

Once you are clear about what's in the way, you can create a ritual, and/or use healing techniques, prayer, crystal elixirs or crystal layouts and other resources to help you resolve these blocks while this moon energy is available to do so.

Have a great day!

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