Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Magical Faerie Reading

Magical Faerie Reading

I have had some charmed experiences today!

Magical Dream Guidance

First, I woke up and realized I had dreamed some great ideas for the eBook I am working on that just may make it as special as I've been hoping it would be. It was so neat to start telling myself the story of my dream, as I often do, so I will remember it, and then have that moment when I thought, "oh my gosh, that was about my book!!!"

Something in The Trees

Then, I decided to do a reading to get even more information and inspiration. But while I was taking notes on the ideas I already had I saw this in the window...

Now, you may not see it yet, but let me at least tell you where to look. Start at the left of the gables. See the three things sticking out of the roof? And two of them are kinda close to each other? Okay, look between those two, up at the trees.

I see the design of a face peeking out at me. And I have cropped it here, so maybe you can see it more clearly...

The Faerie Reading:

Here's what I read in one of the cards I drew after this face-in-the-trees experience.

"Clear, strong messages may be coming into your life at this time. Trust the messages that begin to come to you, and know you are a blending of both worlds. Hearing the voices of stones, plants, water and sky at this time. Seeing forms within nature, human forms ~~ as that is how they can best talk to you at this time."

Wow!!! What have you been up to, today?

Have a great night and a great tomorrow!

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