Monday, May 6, 2013

Moon Magic Monday: Getting Ready for the New Moon

 The Waning Crescent Moon & The New Moon

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This week, we are still making use of the energy of the waning crescent moon, but toward the end of the week, will get to utter our intention for this new month to the dark of the moon and create an intention ritual when the new moon appears this weekend.

This is the time to begin to identify, create and solidify your new intention. When you feel clear about it, utter that intention to the dark of the moon. 
And then, rest. This part of the moon cycle lasts five days and offers built-in hibernation before gearing up for the next big thing you will do. Though you can choose your next goal, it’s not time yet to do anything about it. You still have time for rest and renewal before creating the next transformation.

Have a great day!

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