Friday, November 29, 2013

The Faerie Star: A Guide for Life

The Faerie Star: 
A Guide to Life & A Stressful Holiday Season

As you head more firmly into the Christmas season, you may experience some holiday-related stress and discomfort. I was inspired by John Beckett's post about handling his own anger and thought the model he demonstrated was a great one for dealing with any difficult situation.

He used a pentagram and gave a suggestion for each of the five points. I decided to use a faerie star and do the same thing with suggestions of my own...

(photo credit: Faerie Kat)

(1) Ask the goddess (or your version of the divine) for help in gaining or regaining a healthy perspective.

(2) Breathe deeply and take a minute or so to acknowledge the situation. What has happened, what you think about it and how you feel. You might even write a few words in your journal.

(3) Keep breathing deeply & slowly, and imagine what you would love to experience instead. Hot cocoa instead of rush-hour traffic? Love & connection instead of anger? Etc. Imagine it for several minutes.

(4) Heal whatever has been triggered. When you are reactive in any way, it means you have unhealed memories or limiting beliefs that need your attention. And they've just been triggered. Take some time to focus on and ask for healing.

"We all have a center: a core, a place deep inside where the essence of who we are resides.  This is our true will, our destiny; it’s who and what we’re called to be… and who and what we want to be."~John Beckett

(5) Remember who you are. Is there a spiritual practice that calms you? An eternal truth that centers you? Do what you do to return to center.

"It is through dedicated spiritual practice that we find our center.  It is through dedicated spiritual practice that we advance toward our destiny.  It is through dedicated spiritual practice that roadblocks become obstacles and obstacles are overcome.  The more and longer we practice, the stronger and more resilient we become.  The more we practice the less we stray from our center even in bad times, and the more quickly we can return to it." ~John Beckett

(6) How can you help? Or what can you do? Is there any way you can be of service in this situation, even if it's just to send loving energy? It's amazing how restorative it can be to do something positive, even in the face of negativity. If there's nothing you can do, focus on acceptance.

(7) If it's an ongoing situation, create a plan for peace. Now that you've taken a moment to connect with the best of yourself, give some thought to maintaining peace going forward if this is an ongoing situation. If not, consider what you might do if there's a next time to return to peace more easily.

This blog is about to take a break for the holiday season and I wish you the very best all season long!

Love to you!

Happy Holidays!

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