Monday, November 4, 2013

Tarot Stories: What's Yours?

Your Tarot Story

"Integrating the Tarot with our life events opens up new storylines that illuminate who we really are and what we have learned along our path. It enables us to go beyond the simple memory but to tap into the soulful lesson we are meant to learn. It reconnects us with our inner being and with our spirits." ~Brigit Esselmont

My plan for this month includes writing a weekly blog post where I will feature a particular tarot card and tell it's story. And when I saw Brigit's post, I knew I wanted to start with her suggestion and share it with you.

She suggests a brilliant way of understanding the tarot's application to your own life.

(1) First, you create a timeline of important moments in your life. Starting with birth, try to highlight the most important defining moments or life-changing experiences you can remember.

(2) After making this list, grab your tarot deck and choose a major arcana card for each of the major moments. Which card best matches the energy of that moment in your life?

(3) Once you have chosen a card for each one, notice if you have any repeats. Any themes showing up? Might these be major lessons you are here to learn, and if so, how can you use the energy of that card to help you integrate them more fully?

If you try this exercise, let me know how it goes!

And each week, I'll be sharing one of the tarot cards I pulled when I did the exercise. For me, I discovered many of the same cards showing up again and again in my life, sometimes reversed, most of the time not, and I was able to tease out a few recurring themes.

Trust. Letting go. Empowerment. Spirituality

What were your themes?

Have a great day!

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  1. I need to buy myself a new deck. I have an old one and it no longer resonates with me. I saw a wonderful fairy one a few weeks ago. I think I'll have to go back and get it! :)

    1. Sounds like a great idea, Lynne! I have several for that very reason. I think maybe we just outgrow them.


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