Monday, November 18, 2013

Tarot Stories: Strength

Tarot Stories:

(photo credit: DruidCraft Tarot)

Have you ever really needed the courage or strength to step out on faith and make a big decision that was almost sure to be a good one, if you could just get yourself to do it? Does your story include times when you did, but also times when you just couldn't?

This blog post is the third in my tarot series that began here, with a post inspired by Brigit Esselmont.

When I applied the tarot to defining moments in my life, I discovered several key themes. One of them was the absence of, or need for, and then the difficult gaining of empowerment. The Strength card showed up for me several times in that capacity.

Most of the time, I eventually found the courage I needed to take the step I wanted to take and the strength to hang in there even when the going got tough.

What are your stories of strength?

Have a great day!

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