Friday, October 25, 2013

Identify Your Theology: What are Your Essential Spiritual Practices?

Identify Your Theology: 
Number Seventeen

Yesterday, I asked what aspects of your faith or spirituality are essential to you? What matters most?

We are turning our attention to our next question about your spirituality, today, but before we do, you can head on over to your retreat room so you can relax and let go of any of the day’s stress. Or listen to the brief meditation right here...

Today’s Question

Are there spiritual practices that, for you, are an important way for you to express or live out your beliefs, your faith or spirituality?

"A spiritual practice is the very simple act of getting in touch with your Self. Not with your mind, your feelings or your body, but with this sense of presence or being behind them. How to go about it is a matter of personal preference." ~Sophie Rose,

Journal Questions

Now that you’ve read today’s question and a quote or two to get you thinking, head on back into the mini-retreat to close it and to see the journal questions and the blessing I’ve written for you.

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I'm taking the weekend off so I can have some family time, but will be back here on Monday. See you then!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I think spiritual practices can be a bit like beauty - in the eye of the beholder. For some it means going to church weekly, for others it means connecting with family around a great meal. There are so many ways to be in spirit.

    For me it's writing, it's meditation, it's long moments of stillness in nature and it's being aware as much as possible of what brings me joy and fulfillment. Maybe most importantly it's being in a state of gratitude as often as possible.

    1. Hi Lynne! Yes, that's so true. Different things work for different people. I love connecting with nature, but also have a daily practice or daily ritual that is essential for me.

    2. Merry Meet.
      I stop in from UBC. Hope your having a good day.
      At time being stuck in neutral gives you a chance to reflect before you make the choice to move on.
      Coffee is on

    3. Hi Dora! Thanks so much for stopping by. Good point. It can be good to have time to reflect. As long as you know how to get unstuck so that you *can* move on when you're ready. In my own experience, I have had times when I knew I was stuck but didn't know what to do about it. And was in that space for quite some time. I want to offer a hand to other people who might not know how to get unstuck.

  2. Hi Anna. I'm a Latter-Day Saint, and we have pretty specific way that we worship Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We read scriptures and pray daily; go to church on Sunday, serve in church callings, serve each other, and worship at our temples. It's pretty much a lifestyle with us.

    I believe that ours is the church of Jesus Christ restored as in ancient days, so although I'm fine with people worship who and how they may, but I believe that ours is the only church with all of the truth as it was revealed to the prophet Joseph Smith.. I know that sounds a little audacious in this day of anything goes, but you asked :)

    All the best,

    1. Hi Leslie! It does sound like you have very specific spiritual practices and I can see how they would be essential as part of your faith. Thanks for sharing about your beliefs and your spirituality!

  3. One of my treasured spiritual practices is to go out in nature. I take my dog and we walk, and walk and walk. This tunes me in to the energy of the earth and my own higher source. It's a form of meditation but an active one. I can't imagine what my life would be like without this. A very good question to reflect on.

    1. Sounds wonderful, Bonnie!! I enjoy walking meditation, too. I can well understand how that could become an essential spiritual practice for you!

  4. Hi, great to catch up with your blog again. I haven't visited for a while. (Hangs head). My spiritual practises are daily. I live in a beautiful green mountain setting and each day I need to see the trees. I think they are breath taking. When I am overwhelmed with the world, I can close my eyes and visit those majestic views.

    1. Oh, how wonderful, Amanda! I can feel what you mean when you say that you need to see the trees!! Good to see you here. Thanks for coming again for a visit.


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