Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Identify Your Theology: The Fifteenth Question

Identify Your Theology:
Fifteenth Question

In yesterday's post, I asked you what really matters about matter. :)

Today, let's look at our next question, today, but first, head on over to your retreat room so you can relax and let go of any of the day’s stress.

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Today’s Question

What do you believe will happen when you die? 

As humans, do we continue to exist in some other form? Do we come back or is that it?

"It’s a question that has dogged man from the beginning of time: Is there life after death? Now one scientist has a theory he says may prove that each person does have a soul that survives even after your heart stops beating. Dr. Stuart Hameroff, an anesthesiologist and professor at the University of Arizona, shared his theory on a recent episode of the Science Channel series, Through The Wormhole, and has obtained a clip. Morgan Freeman, who played God in the movie Evan Almighty, narrates the show that explores the mysteries of our existence. He says Hameroff’s theory seems to provide a scientific link to the spiritual belief there is life after death." ~RadarOnline

Journal Questions

Now that you’ve read today’s question and a quote or two to get you thinking, head on back into the mini-retreat to close it and to see the journal questions and the blessing I’ve written for you. 

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Have a great day!

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  1. sorry, but I'd rather just enjoy the life I have while I have it. And if something wonderful happens next, well that's great

    1. No need to apologize, Fiona. I'm totally okay with that plan! :)

  2. Death, the ultimate end. Or is it? Death is a difficult subject for most people to talk about. Maybe because even if you have faith it's all going to be OK, you can't really know until you experience it and there's the rub. I do believe it is a transition stage and although we may shed our bodies, our spirit lives on. Yes our beliefs will limit our experiences and how we perceive our reality. If we believe that things can only happen in a certain way, that is what we will experience. In letting go of restrictions like this our consciousness expands allowing space for new ideas to appear. Thank you for tackling this thorny subject and providing me with food for thought.

    1. sorry, just noticed you asked to know where we've come from...I'm part of the UBC and spotted your tweet in the feed this morning. Just retweeted, so hopefully you can find me from that if you want to pop by and say hello some time.

    2. Andrea, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I agree that not knowing is the scary part. But I also believe, as you've said, that our spirits live on and I look forward to finding out how and in what form.

    3. Yes, I would love to find you and connect!


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