Monday, October 14, 2013

Identify Your Theology: What about Jesus?

Identify Your Theology:
Number Eight

In yesterday's post, I asked if you believe that personal relationships with the divine are possible.

We are turning our attention to our next question, today, but before we do, head on over to your retreat room so you can relax and let go of any of the day’s stress.

Or, if you'd rather listen to the brief meditation here, here it is...

Today’s Question

Speaking of yesterday’s question about dwelling within, what do you believe about Jesus? Was or is he divine? A healer? A shaman?

"The Jesus quest has shown quite clearly that the earliest and most original strands of the Jesus tradition portray a Jesus movement that had radically distanced itself away from God as apocalyptic judge to a gospel of healing and forgiveness. Jesus wandered the dusty streets, healing and exorcising the suffering peasants he met on his way. And he did not do so for any other reason than this: his life was an expression of compassion. He wanted to bring people back to themselves. He wanted to restore people to their rightful place as beloved by God. He wanted the ones who felt unloved and worthless to feel cherished. He was an astonishingly brave healer of religion-damaged souls." 
~~Rev. Mark Townsend, Jesus through Pagan Eyes

"His path was that of a revolutionist, actively calling into question the religious & political authority of his time, all the while seeking to teach people how to be their own catalysts for inner transformation." ~Frank MacEowen, The Mist-Filled Path

Journal Questions

Now that you’ve read today’s question and a quote or two to get you thinking, head on back into the mini-retreat to close it and to see the journal questions and hear the blessing I’ve written for you. 

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Have a great day!

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  1. Wonderful post Jeanine. I remember Deepak Chopra saying, "If you can't see God in a tree, then you can't see God". I honestly believe that what God is, is more than we could ever imagine.

    As for Jesus I totally feel he was one of the great Botthisatvas, along with Buddha. I honestly believe there are many doors that lead to the one great truth. That truth is something so expansive, that we can not possibly understand it in our physical bodies.

    When we open our minds, we become unbounded and free.

    Thank you!

    1. How wonderful, Maryann! I completely agree with you. And with Deepak. :)

  2. Interesting information here we get so caught up in the daily activities it is important to remember what we value.


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