Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Identify Your Theology: But First, a Mini Retreat...

Intro, Part Two:
The Mini-Retreat

Because it is easier to think through important issues when you can take a time-out from the crazy busy chaos you might experience on any given day, I've created a brief retreat, or ritual, that you can use each day to settle in to relaxation and let go of stress or tension before turning your mind to that day's set of questions.

(If you've been following along, you know we're about to begin a month-long journey of twenty questions, one a day excluding weekends, about your spiritual beliefs. Like a sort of spiritual check-up. ;)

The virtual mini-retreat will be a great way to settle your mind and spirit each day before getting started and will require only your attention and your imagination.

Let's give it a test-run before we really jump into the questions tomorrow. Step this way into your retreat room...

The Retreat Room

Imagine that you are walking through a set of big, wooden doors into a room designed just for you, with all your favorite things and an amazing view. Just what you were hoping to see!

There's a comfy-looking couch & chairs w/ big, fat pillows. There are even some fuzzy socks and slippers to choose from and a warm, cozy fireplace with candles on the mantle.

There’s a flannel blanket in your favorite color in case you need more warmth or comfort. And on the table beside you, you have a choice between tea or hot cocoa.

Know that this space has been smudged & cleared of all negative energy and filled with the energies of love & comfort.

The candles have been lit & we are ready to begin.

Make yourself at home

I invite you to sink down into the chair you’re in or wherever you are right now, and let yourself get really comfortable. I invite you into silence for a few moments of mystic contemplation.

Notice your breathing. Focus on breathing deeply, and letting go of any of the day’s tensions or any stress you’ve experienced as you’ve gone about the day. Just let it all go and give yourself permission to relax completely.

Let go into the silence and drop down into your heart as we begin. Now, take a moment to think about this 30-day journey we've begun. You will have an opportunity to explore what you believe about twenty different spiritual questions.

Sometimes asking ourselves these kinds of questions can make people nervous. Remind yourself now that you are completely safe. You're only going to explore and identify what you already believe, plus any long-held beliefs that may be ready to shift or in the process of shifting already. 

But we have marvelous protective energies in place within our minds and hearts, and you will only think, know or explore what you are ready for. Give that some thought, take another deep breath and then begin to come back fully to the room you are in physically. When you feel ready, you can open your eyes.

How was your mini-retreat?

Each day, I will give you a link to this basic retreat (plus journal questions and a closing) online that you can use before starting the process of asking & exploring the deep, spiritual questions.

Have a great day!

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  1. Thanks for the brief moment of serenity! I will be back when the stress levels jump up!

  2. I love this idea of a daily retreat! I could relax enough to even take a nap!

    1. Thanks, Shawn! It really does help. But yes, it does sometime put me in mind of a nap. :)

  3. I love your imagery - it was very relaxing. I'm looking forward to this month and exploring my beliefs.

    1. Thanks, Lynne!! Glad it was relaxing. I hope the month of questions helps you clarify and affirm them.


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