Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Identify Your Theology: Tenth Question

Identify Your Theology:
Tenth Question

We're at the halfway point today with our questions. What has this experience been like for you, so far? 

My son and I have been doing the same kind of exploration in our homeschooling and we have loved taking a deeper look at what we believe. And we don't agree on everything, so we've had some interesting conversations!

In yesterday's post, I asked you what you believe the divine expects of us as human beings. What the rules are, in other words.

Today, we'll move to a different question, but before we do, head on over to your retreat room so you can relax and let go of any of the day’s stress. Or you can listen to the meditation right here, if you'd prefer...

Today’s Question

"Deity can be a catch-all word that includes gods, goddesses, angels, guardian angels, spirits, spirit guides, elves, faeries, elementals, higher selves, future or probable selves, and nature spirits, among others." ~Joyce and River Higginbotham

In addition to the divine, what else do you believe is out there? Is there another world or realm of existence? More than one? And are there other beings? Is it possible for us to connect with them, and if so, how?

Journal Questions

Now that you’ve read today’s question and a quote or two to get you thinking, head on back into the mini-retreat to close it and to see the journal questions and the blessing I’ve written for you. 

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Have a great day!

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  1. What a great question. I have no real idea what's out there, so I call it the soul place, it's where we come from and are going back to, before the next leg of the journey that is known as experience.

    1. Sounds great, Jacqui! The soul place. I like that!

  2. Hi Jeanine,

    As a deity, I only believe there is one--The Triune God (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit). I definitely believe in the spiritual world consisting of angels, demons and Satan.

    Rachel recently posted Why I Care About Meta Descriptions

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.


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