Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Which Tarot Card Would You Choose?

How about some inspiration for fully embodying your purpose this year? Could you use some support with that today?

Choose Your Own Tarot Card

"Deliberately choosing a card means that you turn the cards Face-Up and choose a card on purpose. Pick one whose energy you would like to embody." ~Amethyst Mahoney

Perhaps you'd like to choose a Major Arcana card, one that suggests the energy you want to embody or the way you want to walk in the world this year. Or you might choose one of the Minor Arcana cards to represent the essence you want to live into or the "you" you want to become more fully this year.

My Choice Today

One thing I want to do this year is release any fears that are holding me back from being who I came here to be, and for me that includes really trusting my intuition, so the Moon card is a perfect choice for me right now.

Which one will you choose?

Find out what your angels & other guides want you to know
about the upcoming year.
I will draw cards for you but also
will ask for direct info from your guides.

(I know your wallet's still recovering from Christmas)

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