Thursday, January 8, 2015

Honoring the Best of 2014

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Before we can fully embrace the new year and begin to look forward to all it might bring us, it helps to clear the deck by celebrating what the last year brought and hangiong on for one more squeeze to what we haven't fully released yet. 

Gratitude is so powerful! Mixing in a little of its energy as we look back at the year we've just lost will help to propel us forward into the new one. But speaking of what we've lost, our grief is also often far more powerful than we realize. Maybe there is something that you struggled to let go of during the past year?

Let's take these questions one by one...

Reflect on This

(1) What did 2014 give to you that you never want to forget? 

I learned that I can create happy moments even when all hell seems to be breaking loose outside my window (or, in the news). Or even when the stress hits a little closer to home. During the summer, I did an experiment to see what would happen if I deliberately filled my day with the little things that make me happy. The results were amazing!

What do you need to honor a bit more before you let it go completely? 

I thought of several things in answer to this question. I want to take a little time to honor and remember Robin Williams. How is it that we lost him? Couldn't something have been done? I suppose I am still grieving about it.

Much closer to home is my final goodbye to my marriage. It was over years ago but was finalized this past year and although it didn't work out, I want to honor what it gave me. I remember that during the happy years, I believed in myself and found it easier to connect in loving ways to other people than I had before. Being loved is a powerful thing, isn't it?

What about you? How would you answer those questions?

Want a tip for releasing something still painful from last year? Light a tealight candle, and write down the loss in a piece of paper that will rest beneath it as it burns (never leave a burning candle unattended). When it has burned itself out, you can end the ritual and say thanks for the healing you created.

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